Ages 5 to 11

sundayschool_text_logoSunday School classes run most Sundays during term time - except when it is 'Kids all Together' (see below) or an 'All Age' service. 

There are five classes: 

  • Scramblers (3-5s)
  • Climbers (6s and 7s, School Years 1-2)
  • Adventurers (8s and 9s, School Years 3-4)
  • Explorers (10s and 11s, School Years 5-6)
  • Pathfinders (11-14s, School Years 7-9).

All Sunday school classes take place in the Church Centre, but children meet in Church first. All children over three begin the 10am service in Church with their families. After a song, a short talk and a prayer, they meet with their Sunday School teachers in the Church Extension. Children are then walked down to the Church Centre by their Sunday School teachers.

At the end of their lesson, the children are brought back up to Church and they re-join the service. One of the classes will give feedback about what they have been learning, and then all children will return to their families.

Contacting us

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