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Services this Sunday and Diary for the Week

See below for details of our services this Sunday and a diary with details of our midweek events for the next 7 days.
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All services are in St John's Church unless stated otherwise.

8am Morning Prayer

  • Leader: Alec Ham.  Preacher: Alec Ham.

9.30am Prayer Meeting

  • Prayer meeting in the Eddowes Room

10am Holy Communion - Exodus 15:22-17:7; A Grumbling People

  • Leader: Alec Ham. Preacher: Dimitri Alldridge.

6.30pm Evening Prayer - 1 Corinthians 4:14-21; Not talk, but power

  • Leader: Mike Smith.  Preacher: Jeremy Hunns.


  • TFG meet at Will & Fiona Hughes' home


  • Crossover meet at Nathan & Jo Phillingham's home

Preachers elsewhere today:

  • Michael Field at Wrexham Apostolic Church (10.30am & 6pm)
  • Jeremy Hunns at St Michael’s, Marbury (11am)

Monday 13th November

Readings: 1 Chronicles 1-2, Hebrews 8, Amos 2, Psalm 145

Alec away until Sunday 19th November
Teresa leading a story & craft session at Hartford Old School House Nursery (9.30am)
Teresa visiting a year 1 class at Hartford Manor Primary School (1.30pm)

9.30am-5pm Church Office open in the Church Centre (Monday-Thursday)
10am Staff meeting
8pm St John's Committee meet in the Church Centre

Tuesday 14th November

Readings: 1 Chronicles 3-4, Hebrews 9, Amos 3, Psalms 146-147

Jacqueline away today
Michael Field leading 'Walk Through the Bible' sessions at Little Leigh Primary School (9.30am & 11am) and Greenbank School (1.50pm)

10am Jigsaw meet in the Church Centre

Wednesday 15th November

Readings: 1 Chronicles 5-6, Hebrews 10, Amos 4, Psalms 148-150

Michael Field taking an assembly at Great Budworth CE Primary School (10.15am)
Phil at Hartford Church of England High School Christian Union (1-1.45pm)

10am Tots and Tinies meet in the Church Centre
12pm Chester Association meet in the Church Centre
2pm Ladies' Fellowship meet in the Church Centre - Mary Shorter (Demonstration)
8pm Prayer Fellowship meets in the Church Centre (Keith Wilby's housegroup)

Thursday 16th November

Readings: 1 Chronicles 7-8, Hebrews 11, Amos 5, Luke 1:1-38

Mike's day off

10am Men's Walk - contact David King for meeting point
11.45am Thursday Cafe in the Church Centre
7.30pm Growing in Christ course at St Peter's, Elworth
7.30pm Christmas Choir practice in St John's
7.30pm Ladies' Meal at the Riverside Inn, Acton Bridge
8pm God's Big Picture course in the Church Centre

Friday 17th November

Readings: 1 Chronicles 9-10, Hebrews 12, Amos 6, Luke 1:39-80

Mike's day off
Phil leading Keele University CU's houseparty at Cefyn Lea (Friday - Sunday)
Ministry team taking Hartford Church of England High School Chapel Services (2.55pm)

10.30am-3pm Church Office open in the Church Centre
7.30pm Pathfinders meet in the Church Centre

Saturday 18th November

Readings: 1 Chronicles 11-12, Hebrews 13, Amos 7, Luke 2

Nathan's day off

8am Men's Breakfast at Wetherspoons (The Penny Black) in Witton Street

Sunday 19th November

Readings: 1 Chronicles 13-14, James 1, Amos 8, Luke 3

8am Morning Prayer in St John's
10am Holy Communion in St John’s (Exodus 15:22-17:7 )
6.30pm Evening Prayer in St John’s (1 Corinthians 4:14-21)
8pm TFG meet at Will & Fiona Hughes' home
8.15pm Crossover meet at Nathan & Jo Phillingham's home

For more details about the daily Bible reading plan, including online readings, please visit our website.

The Collect for today - Twenty third Sunday after Trinity:

Lord God, our refuge and strength, the author of all godliness, hear the devout prayers of your church and grant that what we ask for in faith we may surely obtain, through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Please pray for...

the sick and the bereaved

our mission partners: Jonny & Erica Greaves (The Oakes, Sheffield) and Mags Southern (SAMS in Paraguay).

those serving in the Armed Forces

our local schools:

  • Sir Leslie Martin & Hartford Old School House Nurseries, and other schools which members of the church are involved in.
  • Hartford Church of England High School.
  • For parliament to reject proposals for new legislation that will make many elements of sex education compulsory for all pupils. Many of the topics to be covered are contrary to the Word of God.

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